Gifted Culture Project is the brainchild of Anamaria B Call. A gifted mom of two (and wife to a gifted engineer-slash-home-repair-hobbyist), she found herself one day faced with the daunting task of explaining to her son that he's gifted. With degrees and a background in linguistics and intercultural communication, she knew that she wanted to give him more than just a standard definition or even a simple story. She wanted him to understand his giftedness as a different way of experiencing the world. She also wanted him to have the social and emotional skills to handle and thrive in situations where being different is hard.

And so, after dipping her toes into the digital waters of the Internet, Gifted Culture Kids was born. It's a one-of-a-kind workbook series that promises to redefine how we talk to gifted kids about their traits and differences. It's also an unapologetically loving, optimistic, and empowering tool that fits naturally into the lives of gifted families who value thriving and joy over conformity.

Anamaria has worked in public education and refugee resettlement where she spent more than eight years talking, training, and supporting people of different cultures (and different experiences of the world) to communicate effectively and to better understand each other.

She lives in Vancouver, Washington (in the metro Portland area) and spends her days raising two quirky, wonderful kiddos. She also reads, thinks, and writes A LOT while gently testing the limit on the number of booksl she's allowed to check-out from her local library.