...a mother of two beautiful, hilarious kids (one gifted... so far) ages 6 and 1

...wife to an amazing, gifted man who loves to build and repair things

...an insatiably curious bookworm with a Master's in Linguistics and a ridiculous number of certificates in interpretation, translation, and intercultural communication

...a blossoming feminist with a feisty penchant for lovingly questioning cultural boundaries

....a shameless dark chocolate addict with massive crushes on Sherlock Holmes (Cumberbatch AND Miller), Princess Poppy, and Brené Brown

I believe that the world will be a significantly better place when gifted people start showing up completely in the real world. When shame, misjudgement, frustration and confusion stop keeping us small. When we know how to lovingly create our rightful place of belonging. When we learn to explore the depths and dimensions of our intensity to retrieve knowledge and overachieve with grace and kindness. When we know how to ask for space, time, and assistance to manage our unique needs and abilities. When we can speak the language of intensity in a voice that others can better understand and appreciate. When we know how to make ourselves seen and, in turn, to see and connect with the beauty in others.

I believe that belonging is a birthright we somehow forgot about in our human experience. And I think we are in urgent need of stories and practical survival tools for being ourselves and being different in the real world.

At Gifted Culture Project, we're going to co-create a gifted culture that will tell stories and offer wisdom about our unique ways of being. With these stories, we can learn to find power, connection, and a voice that fits us. Most importantly, we're going to create this for our gifted children, because they deserve to understand themselves and their experiences of difference in a context of love, joy, strength, and resilience.

I can help us come together and tell the stories that teach us to bridge divides of experience. I hope you’ll have a seat and get cozy as the story-telling begins…