Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

So, what exactly is Gifted Culture?

It's not easy being gifted. We're different, and in the real world, being different is confusing, frustrating, and isolating.

This is where Gifted Culture comes in.

Culture is a collection of stories and information about the world that help us stay safe and connected. Stories that help us know the tribe that we belong to, that show us how to meet our most important needs, and that teach us to make sense of the world we move around in every day.

Gifted Culture tells us about how giftedness works in our bodies and in the real world. It helps us understand and enjoy our unique ways of feeling, moving, and thinking. It teaches us a unique brand of self-care and self-regulation. And it shows us how to see the world in a way that makes room for our different way of being, and as a place where we truly belong.

Gifted Culture is a vital tool of love, story-telling, self-advocacy, connection, and wisdom that helps us make sense of our experience of giftedness.

Are you in?

You can start learning about your own Gifted Culture here, and you can join our community here!