Gifted Culture Kids Magazine

GCK Magazine is a learning tool for you and your gifted child about giftedness in the brain, in the body, and in the real world. We talk about giftedness in ways that apply to your everyday life, and we give you tools that help you feel less overwhelmed and genuinely optimistic.

The first part of each issue contains articles and activities that help you, the grownup, feel confident about helping your child to understand, develop, manage, and enjoy their experiences of giftedness. The second part is for your gifted child. We use stories and activities to teach kids about identity, social emotional skills, belonging, resilience, and connectedness.

How do we do it? We work with experienced parents, leading experts, and passionate advocates of gifted kids to collect the most up-to-date and practical information about giftedness so you can tackle the stressful, complex obstacles that only people who raise and work with gifted kids know.

We help you feel understood and much better-informed as you and your child navigate this complex journey together.

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