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What is Gifted Culture Kids (GCK) Magazine?

Gifted Culture Kids is a new magazine that helps parents learn about and talk to kids about giftedness. Not just definitions and research, but real-life skills and social-emotional learning that help gifted kids manage experiences of giftedness in the real world.

How It Works...

GCK Magazine is a printable magazine (for now- printed issues are coming soon!). Once purchased, people download the PDF and print the material. The first part of every issue is for grownups to read and learn. The second is for kids to read along with parents and has activities for them to complete. 

Who's behind it...

Anamaria B Call is the editor and head creative. She works with a team of Culture Creators (parents, teachers, psychologists, advocates and experts) to create the vision and content for each issue.

What To Do Now

Step 1: Click on the Issue 1 cover below to open the preview document. Note: This preview document is optimized for web viewing and will likely not print clearly.

Step 2: If you love what you see, you can...

#1- Write a super brief testimonial. You opinions are really important since they'll let the gifted community that visits our site learn about how this tool might be valuable for them! You can use our contact form to send it.

#2- Share news about Issue 1 with your networks! Please share from this page as the private preview page that you're on right now is exclusively for you and by invitation only.

#3- Join the Culture Creators and help us shape future issues! If you're passionate about our same mission and you'd like to contribute insights and even content like articles and stories, sign-up for our Culture Creators list. You'll receive updates as well as an email from us every 6-8 weeks with a short questionnaire and a theme for article contributions.

That's it! We hope we can count on your insights, support, testimonials, and participation as we grow and develop this exciting new tool for supporting gifted kids and their families.