ISSUE 1: Marvelous, magnificent (gifted) YOU
ISSUE 1: Marvelous, magnificent (gifted) YOU
ISSUE 1: Marvelous, magnificent (gifted) YOU
ISSUE 1: Marvelous, magnificent (gifted) YOU
ISSUE 1: Marvelous, magnificent (gifted) YOU

ISSUE 1: Marvelous, magnificent (gifted) YOU

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In this issue, grownups will learn about:

  • Why and what we should be telling our kids about giftedness  We’ve included inspiring articles by two passionate experts in the field of giftedness that underscore how truly essential it is to start conversations with our kids about giftedness, and when we do, what we can begin telling them and how.
  • The Gifted Label vs. Gifted Identity How shifting our focus to Gifted Identity can help us figure out how to talk to kids about giftedness in a way that combines our family/group values and that helps us guide our gifted kids. The included activity will help you identify the main obstacles, goals, aspirations, and values that you have for your gifted child, essentially creating a roadmap for the conversations and learning that you can both do to fully integrate giftedness as a part of your daily life.

And kids will learn about:

  • What identity is The marvelous, magnificent parts of us!
  • How we’re all different AND the same How it’s something that connects us to people sometimes, and something that makes us different at other times.
  • Giftedness in the brain  We’ll discuss six main ways that the gifted brain is neuroanatomically different and how those differences can lead to different behaviors, needs and preferences.

If you’ve already started talking to your kids about giftedness, the stories and activities in this book will let you confirm and expand upon some of what you’ve already talked about. More importantly, it will set the stage for future discussions about giftedness where we’ll be diving deep into excitabilities, perfectionism, fitting-in, and much more!

If you haven’t yet started talking to your kids, then this issue will help you begin the conversation about giftedness in a way that's simple, practical, and loving.

Special thanks to our Culture Creators involved with our first issue:

Paula Prober, MS- Counselor and Consultant website

Gail Post, PhD- Psychologist, Advocate, and Parent website

Noel Pas-Holcomb- Founder of Meadow Vista Micro-school and Parent

Kelly Pryde, PhD- Neuropsychologist, Coach, and Parent website


Age range for kid's material: 5 - 12 years
Grade level for kid's material: K - 6
Pages: 34 pages
Language: English
File format: Adobe PDF
Dimensions: US Letter, 8.5 x 11 inches


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