Gifted kids sense and experience the world differently than other kids.

Their intensity, sensitivity, and unique quirks aren't just 'different'; they're part of a perfectly normal, albeit uncommon, way of being and behaving in the world.

At Gifted Culture Project, our mission is to create fun, powerful stories and activities that teach gifted kids about being gifted. Why? Because we believe that when gifted kids understand what it means to see and experience the world the way that gifted people do, they'll spend less time trying to fix or hide their differences, and more time connecting, creating, and learning about the world as a place where they are seen and where they belong.

Through our workbook series Gifted Culture Kids, we're laying the groundwork for kids to integrate the idea of giftedness as a part of who they are (an identity) and how they see the world (a culture). Here's how we're helping you and your gifted kids get started on this one-of-a-kind journey of exploration...

Workbook #1: We All See & Experience the World Differently

Giftedness is more than a label, it's a culture too! In this workbook, we explore different ways of seeing and experiencing the world. We also learn about two key traits of giftedness- sensitivity and intensity- and map your gifted kids' unique traits to the colorful, kaleidoscopic lens through which they see their world. The Bonus PDF content also includes an additional activity, links, and a coloring page that allow you provide extra depth to your gifted child's learning experience.

Workbook #2... coming soon!

In Workbook #2 we talk about how gifted brains are 'wired' differently. We also explore Gifted Super Abilities (a.k.a. overexcitabilities) and how they work really well to take care of gifted brains and bodies. This workbook is all about the beauty and wisdom of gifted behaviors!

Workbook #3... coming soon!

In Workbook #3 we focus on integrating giftedness as a part of your child's identity- the many parts of who they are. We explore the ways that we're all different AND the same, and talk about how the invisible parts of who we are can sometimes be confusing to other people or be misunderstood by them.

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