Gifted kids sense and experience the world differently than other kids.

Their intensity, sensitivity, and unique quirks aren't just 'different'; they're part of a perfectly normal, albeit uncommon, way of being and behaving in the world.

At Gifted Culture Project, our mission is to create fun, effective stories and activities that teach gifted kids about their way of experiencing the world. We help them develop strategies to build relationships; self-advocate; and bounce-back from difficult, real-world experiences of giftedness.

Our five #giftedgoals

We cover a wide-ranging number of topics that help us create gifted culture (and a gifted identity) in our kids. To guide us, we created #giftedgoals; five essential outcomes that, based on CASEL's research-based Social-Emotional Learning competencies, put into our gifted kid's hands a unique road map for the challenges and needs that only gifted kids know:

Know (and love!) your gifted self

With fascinating science and practical fun, we create a definition of giftedness that's about more than just IQ or sensitivity. We use stories to talk about people who, like gifted kids, also see and experience the world differently. We talk about the gifted brain and 'super abilities' (aka overexcitabilities). And we create narratives of the experience of intensity and sensitivity to learn to befriend, instead of fear, this unique trait.

Understand and navigate the real world

We explore how gifted behaviors challenge social norms and expectations, and we look at intensity from the perspective of other people. We prepare gifted kids to handle those inevitable times when they might make others uncomfortable, confused, or overwhelmed. And we help them embrace their intensity and sensitivity by teaching them that there will be times it's ok to gently challenge social expectations.

Learn to use your giftedness

Self-regulation isn't just a social skill. It's a constantly-evolving art that kids can use to strategically unleash their giftedness. Be it for fun, learning, creating, or even making a new friend, their unique traits and behaviors have a place and purpose in this world. We talk about self-trust, develop self-compassion, and teach emotional literacy to create an inner-world where kids make choices with intention and learn through resilience.

Take good care of your gifted self

For gifted kids, food, quiet, deep pressure, humor, and exercise can be medicine. By learning to use these and many more tools, they can find ways to make the world less overwhelming, more stimulating, or something in between! They can live in better harmony with a world of constant surprises and never ending change. And they can do all of these things with kindness and empathy so that they become ambassadors and advocates for their unique way of being in the world.

Be confidently, joyfully connected to others

Intensity and sensitivity can create unique social challenges for gifted kids. We talk about how to balance these gifted traits with the essential building blocks of good relationship skills: clear communication, listening, cooperation, conflict negotiation, resisting negative social pressure, and seeking and offering help when needed.

What we create

We create workbooks that you can easily print and work on with your gifted kids. Everything you need is one beautiful, simple kit! Want to see what we mean? You can download our first workbook for free!